Carpet care tips


The most important step in caring for your carpet is vacuuming it thoroughly and frequently,
particularly in high-traffic areas. Walking on soiled carpet allows the soil particles to work
their way below the surface of the pile where they are far more difficult to remove and can
damage the carpet fibres. Frequent vacuuming removes these particles from the surface
before problems occur.

For rooms with light traffic, vacuum the carpet traffic lanes twice weekly and the entire area
once weekly. Up to three passes of the machine will suffice for light soiling

In areas with heavy traffic, vacuum the carpet traffic lanes daily and the entire area twice
weekly. Five to seven passes are necessary for heavily soiled areas. Change the vacuuming
direction occasionally to help stand the pile upright and reduce matting.

An inexpensive machine may remove surface dirt but will not effectively remove the hidden dirt
and particles embedded in the pile. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner to get the dirt you can't
see and prolong the beauty and life of your carpet.

For best results use a vacuum with a rotating brush or combination beater/brush bar that
agitates the carpet pile and mechanically loosens soil for removal.
Carpet with thick loop pile construction, particularly wool and wool-blend styles, may be
sensitive to brushing or rubbing of the pile surface and may become fuzzy.
In addition, shag (or cabled) styles with long pile yarns tend to wrap around the rotating brushes
causing damage to the yarn.  For these carpets, use a suction-only vacuum or a vacuum with an
adjustable brush lifted away from the carpet so it does not agitate the pile. Be sure to test a
vacuum with a beater/brush bar in an inconspicuous location before regular use, to make sure it
doesn't produce excessive fuzzing.

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