Why is cleaning important?

Just because your carpet doesn't look dirty, doesn't mean it's clean!
Your carpets act as an air filter within the home, all the pet hair, pollen, bacteria, fungus spores, Dust mite debris and a whole host of other nasties, are filtered from the air and held by the fibres. When this filter becomes full, your family start to breathe these, hence the musty smells, itchy eyes, runny noses etc. That is why regular cleaning is essential to maintain the air quality within your home, and safeguard your families health.

Ask yourself the question why do all carpet manufacturers recommend regular cleaning ?
Put simply, they know that if your carpets are cleaned every 12 months, they will maintain their appearance a lot longer as the sticky oily soil, and sandy rough grit that is deep in the fibres, grinds away at them weakening them and dulling the colours.