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Upholstery Cleaning

A suite is one of the major investments in any home, and as such deserves looking after. Regular cleaning has been proven to increase the life span of upholstered furniture by as much as three times. By using only the best cleaning agents, and the appropriate ones for the suite involved. We can greatly  improve the appearance and the life span of your furniture.
No matter what fabric your Upholstery is made of, at some point in its life it will require cleaning. That small dirty patch on the end of the arms or behind someones head, contains body fats. living off these fats are bacteria, which excrete waste which eats away at the fibres, weakening them. This is called (bacterial degradation.) Some suites can survive better than others, but all need cleaning to maintain their appearance and fabric integrity.
Cleaning and caring for your Upholstery, again to the highest standard. With the machinery used, and the industry leading tools utilized, many suites are touch dry within 2 - 4 hours. (I was amazed myself when first using them.)

After cleaning we can apply a Teflon coating, to help maintain the appearance, resist staining and increase the
durability of your furnishings.

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